Artistry Picnics was created with transforming the ordinary picnic dining experience into extraordinary memories.

We know how important it is to enjoy time spent with family and friends, whether it is a special occasion or and ordinary celebration. We are here to help you create and unforgettable experience


Artistry Picnics is a luxury dining service that assists you in hosting an extravagant indoor or outdoor picnic affair without the work. We immerse ourselves in the little details and get to know the likes and dislikes of our clients to customize each experience. We know every client has a different focus – something important to them or loved ones that may not be important to the next person, and we love that.

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HI, I am Pam.

Some of my favorite things in life include beautiful flowers, photography, lovely wine glasses, delicious food, and beautiful decor. I love sharing my favorite things with family and friends in settings that are memorable and create an unparalleled experience. Artistry Picnics is where some of my favorite things and my love of interior design collide to benefit of my clients.

I realize that an extraordinary experience is more than just food, service, decor, or location. It is something more valuable than the sum of all its parts. A great event is an environment with a strong heartbeat. The love invested in providing the overall experience determines the pulse. When a gathering or celebration comes together in the perfect space, food, drinks, service, and decor—and is in touch with its heartbeat—it can be the place where people can experience far beyond simply enjoying a meal together. My inspiration for creating the company came from this mission.

I have organized and hosted extravagant events professionally and personally for almost a decade. As the previous owner of a florist shop, photographer, and event coordinator, my passion, desire, and experience creating unique luxurious environments are deep-rooted.

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